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3 Tips to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

With millions of posts published on LinkedIn everyday and millions of active users, it can be hard to sift through the noise. But, LinkedIn is still the best professional online tool to find a potential mentor, your next job or discover an idea for your next work project. Here’s how to take full advantage of LinkedIn:

Join multiple groups.

Joining groups and participating in the discussion posts is a great way to boost your network with people you don’t actually ‘know’. If you are trying to break into a certain industry or change locations, this can be an easy and painless way to introduce yourself to your new market. Even better, if you’re more on the introverted side, it’s an easy way to meet hundreds of people without having to say a word out loud.

Connect with people you know.

Who do you already know? If you feel like you don’t know anyone, you’re wrong. Think about all of the different settings you’ve been in: school, work, hobbies, volunteering—you’ve met a ton of people along the way! Start here. Connect with people in your industry of choice. Keep diligent notes on connections made at conferences or meetings and connect with them within 24 hours. By making connections quickly, you ensure others haven’t forgotten you and you haven’t forgotten them. You’ll also be able to follow their career progression, which may potentially pay off as a helpful connection in the future.

Post, post, post.

Many people find it easy to post on social media but struggle with doing the same on LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as your professional brand, just like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is your social media brand. One of the easiest ways to interact with others is through posting, likes, and comments. Keep an eye out for interesting articles to share related to your industry or post that motivational quote that helped you through a rough morning. For those not as apt at posting, pictures are a great option. Take a picture the next time you are off-site and post about your current work (if permissible) or your interest in the field. Regular posting will keep you fresh and in your connections minds. You don’t like your food to be stale, and you shouldn’t be either. because nobody likes anything stale.


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