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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network and can connect you with people across every industry. Yet, many fail to give LinkedIn the recognition it deserves. So, here are some tips to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer.

Get detailed

Unlike your resume, a LinkedIn profile allows you to personalize every detail. You can include pieces of your story that don’t necessarily fit on your resume or might not be appropriate for it. For example, you can include a detailed introductory summary about yourself that describes your personal brand and goals. There’s also a place to note volunteer experience and interests, which may go beyond the industry you are job searching/working in. You can highlight specific skills and show credibility with endorsements and recommendations from people who have worked with you and can vouch for your value-add. Furthermore, you can add photos and digital content within past experiences, bringing your work to life.

Engage with others


From professional associations to general interest groups, there are hundreds of niches within LinkedIn. You can view conversations that are already happening in a group or post your own questions to engage with other members. Joining a group related to your industry and engaging in meaningful conversation helps build your professional network and may connect you with industry leaders and mentors.

Newsfeed User Interface

The LinkedIn user interface is similar to Facebook in that you can share your own content and your connections see it in their newsfeed. Like other social networks, algorithms are hard at work to show you what your connections are liking, commenting on, and sharing (and vice versa). This newsfeed feature is a simple, no pressure way to start conversations and begin building relationships with people you want to know more about or with a specific person who works at an organization you can see yourself at in the future. Download the app and replace half of your dedicated Instagram scrolling time with productive LinkedIn networking time.

Tell your story​

Ultimately, your LinkedIn profile is a personalized story about you. Unlike your resume, which focuses on past accomplishments and positions, your LinkedIn profile is a longer, big-picture overview of you. Remember that LinkedIn is a social network, and while you still need to maintain a level of professionalism, you should bring your informal voice and personality to your content and interactions. Your resume can’t make a joke, crack a smile, or simply connect with someone on a human level.


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