Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Career Productions

What is Career Productions?

We’re glad you asked! Career Productions is a women owned and operated career services company. We work with our clients to perfect their job search documents, getting past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and in front of hiring managers. We empower our clients to be more confident, informed, and successful by eliminating the stress from your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profiles. In addition, Career Productions trains career coaches to perfect their craft through the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Facilitating Career Development course. If you are a career coach seeking certification, learn more in our FCD Training page.

Why should I trust Career Productions?

Career Productions is a team of nationally certified and trained recruiting and career development professionals. Our expert team has 15+ years of industry experience in recruiting, career coaching, human resources, and career development. Since the foundation of Career Productions in 2018, we have served hundreds of clients across a variety of industries as they work to achieve their career goals, evidenced in our overwhelmingly positive reviews.

What types of clients do you serve?

We serve clients of all backgrounds and identities. We showcase our clients' wealth of experience through cutting-edge human resource best practices. Our clients range from C-Suite executives, experienced directors/managers, and new professionals. We serve clients across a variety of industries including operations, finance, marketing, business development, technology, sales and healthcare. Our clients have an idea of what their next step is and we help them get there.

Who actually writes my documents?

Your documents are written by real-life Career Productions team members. Our team is nationally certified through the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

How much do the services cost?

We offer various levels of package pricing for executive level, experienced, and new professionals. Packages include resumes/CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Expedited services are available if needed. Visit our site Services page for packages and pricing options.

What are the business hours for Career Productions?

We respect our clients' busy schedules. We are available for calls and emails outside of normal business hours including evenings and weekends.

After Completed Services

What happens after my documents are completed?

When you begin applying to positions with our documents, you can expect to receive interviews. Average estimates of job application to interview ratios hover around 10:1, however with Career Productions documents your ratio will be much higher. However, there is no deadline for edits on your documents, we work with you until you are happy and successful.

What is your success rate?

At Career Productions, success means client satisfaction. We have clients in all stages of their job search (exploration, passively searching, actively searching, and those proactively updating their application materials for future opportunities). Due to our wide variety of clients and job search stages, we cannot accurately validate our placement ratio within a defined time period with all the considerations that go into a dynamic job search. Success to us is happy clients, check out our Client Reviews to see for yourself.

Working With Us

How does this work?

Once you select which services you’d like to purchase, we send an invoice directly to you through PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, we send over a “Getting Started” email that will ask you to share job postings of interest, any previous application documents used, and to schedule a time for your interview call or questionnaire, depending on your selected package. Once we complete your interview call or questionnaire, we will get you the first revisions of your resume and general cover letter (if applicable) in 5-7 business days. Once you review and approve these documents, we will complete the rest of your services on your timeline.

What is an interview call?

The interview call is a critical component to our collaborative success. We ask in-depth questions ranging from your proudest work accomplishment to your workstyles so we can best represent you in your job application documents. This is an informal call, and we actually prefer you to be as unpolished and candid as possible so we can work the magic and paint your own words in the strongest light. The interview call is typically 30 minutes.

How long does it take?

Career Productions guarantees a 5-7 business day turn-around for the first revisions of documents upon the date of your interview call or questionnaire. Expedited services are an additional service add-on to receive your first revisions within 3-5 business days. After receiving first revisions, we respect our clients schedules and adapt to their pace ensuring services are completed on their timeline. Services are completed in two parts, we send over the resume and general cover letter to get your feedback and full approval before updating your LinkedIn profile and completing your reference page and specific cover letter, depending on your selected package. We value your time and respond to all communications promptly, never exceeding 2 business days.

What can I expect from Career Productions?

We work with each of our clients individually and translate their skills and expertise into ATS compliant, high-quality documents. As a client, you will receive both turn-key PDF and editable Word versions of your finalized materials. This allows you to send these materials off immediately or edit them in the future if required. Unlike other providers, we empower our clients and do not want to handhold them if they need to make small changes in the future. Your documents are formatted so you can easily update, add, or edit what we create for you. We live out our Values in our collaborative work with clients, making our documents and customer service experience superior.