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Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search

Job searching is a long and tedious process. From creating customized resumes and cover letters to networking and practicing interviewing, it may feel like a never-ending endeavor. But, we know a few ways to quicken your search. Here are some easy tips that can accelerate your job hunt!

Update your LinkedIn Job Search Preferences.

Just a simple update can let recruiters know you are on the job search, what types of positions you are interested in, and where you are open to moving. On your profile navigate to “add profile section.” Under “intro” you can enter job titles you are interested in, locations, and full-time, part-time work, or internships. Updating these preferences can also significantly improve the suggested jobs LinkedIn shares with you!

Set up a Job Alert Email.

Through many job posting websites, you can set up emails that are sent to your inbox based on your specific job interests. For they are called subscriptions and you can add them based on your job search history.

Submit a LinkedIn ProFinder Request.

The job search process is extremely stressful and unknown. Rely on a professional to help you where you are struggling. The return on your investment in hiring an interview coach, career coach, and/or resume/cover letter writer can make you thousands when you land your dream job even quicker! Don’t struggle and waste time applying when there are clear errors in your applications. If interviewing terrifies you to your core, hire a coach and work on ways for the real you to come across so hiring companies know how much of a perfect fit you would be. You can submit a ProFinder Request on LinkedIn through the Work and ProFinder Icon.

Organize your job search.

Keep all your job application information in one easy to see and access document. We suggest using a google doc which can be accessed from any device or mobile and keep it updated with all your pertinent job application information. Anytime you receive a call from a human resource representative you can open the document and easily click on all the links so you are informed and don’t get your various applications confused. Download our template here!


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