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3 Tips for Working from Home Successfully

Many people have found themselves working from home these past few months and it doesn't seem like this is a trend that will stop anytime soon. While working from the comfort of your own home definitely has its perks - sleeping in, no commuting and more free time for yourself, there are some downsides. To combat these drawbacks, here are three great tips to help you be successful when working from home.

Get dressed

Getting ready like you normally would when going to the office can help with productivity. You will feel like you are taking care of yourself and are ready to take on the day. This doesn’t mean you need to change into a suit and tie or slacks and a button-down. It can be as simple as switching your sweatpants to leggings or your t-shirt to a blouse.

Set a schedule

Clearly define what you're working hours will be. If you have to work at standard business hours along with the rest of your colleagues, this isn’t something you have to worry about too much. However, if your hours are flexible, adding structure to your day can help you stay on track. Setting aside time to work, including necessary breaks, can help prevent you from slacking off or overworking yourself.

Create a workspace

Find a designated place in your home solely for work. This will help your brain separate your “work” space from your home life. Ideally, this space would be a desk, but it can even be your kitchen table, the porch, or your couch. Ultimately, you don’t want to fall into the trap of working in bed. This will cause your brain to associate work with your bed and not sleeping. So, when it does come time to go to bed, you will have a hard time falling asleep.



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